Kicking it off with a sew swap!

Greetings readers!

I have started this venture of sewing and crafting by implementing a facebook page (link will be on here somewhere) and I have been signed up for a sew swap! Everybody signs up with one person who is in charge and they receive their person who they will send what they sew too! You can sew whatever you want to share with that person. You then will receive your gift in the mail from a completely different person. I must say that I haven’t been this excited about anything in a very long time, this whole thing has been a great joy in my life and I hope to have finally found my calling. I absolutely love crocheting, and sewing and doing arts and crafts! I’ve made some reversible headbands using a pattern I found online and my sisters all love them! I have a few friends who have already put in some orders for headbands too! My next project is going to be a vintage style zipper change purse, it will be my first and hopefully comes out fantastic!!!

My skills are not all that grand, but with practice they should gain some solid ground. I started off making summer shorts for my (step) daughter and had a difficult time with the seams in the crotch, it took a few times but finally figured out a way so that they wouldn’t rip after five minutes of wearing them! This is going to be great and I hope my blogs don’t become boring and bland and keep you interested in reading what I have to write with each blog!! Have a splendid day!



2 thoughts on “Kicking it off with a sew swap!

    • kinda sorta…in a way! we get stats on the person we will be sewing for…and its kinda cool because the lady posted that theres 2 kids and a guy amongst a bunch of grown women who are doing it too! if i get the guy what would i sew! haha

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