Seamstress Nana

Hello all my blog readers! (which is probably just me..and my sister..) however…I wanted to share with you my adventure which I call “Seamstress Nana” 

I have a good friend I have known for a fairly decent amount of time, about five or six years…recently I was chatting with him and we got to talking about his Nana, she has recently been moved into a senior living facility (apparently she hates bingo, so i’m not quite sure how that will all pan out for her, maybe she’ll start a poker club, who knows!) So, it turns out she was a pretty avid seamstress in her day and he invited me to go through her stuff before it was either sold in an estate sale or thrown out. (TERRIBLE!) I went down with my sister and we started going through all her stuff. The first thing I saw was this :

Awesome vintage sewing machine

Among other things I found a boat load of zippers, thread, random assortments of accessories and tools, an old pair of pinking shears which still work like a charm, along with two pairs of crazy sharp scissors. I will admit i was hoping to have found some old vintage fabric that I could use to make something pretty awesome, but the closest thing found was an “opera bag” whether it was made in the past few years or actually from during the times of the opera and poofy dresses, I am not sure but it was nice all the same!

The day was all in all a good day, I got a lot of things to add to my ever growing collection of sewing supplies and I also got to see some friends I hadn’t seen in almost a year, as well as spend some bonding time with my lovely sister Erin 🙂 Always a good day when that happens!

OH! There were also alot of buttons, I LOVE buttons.

Fast forward to today and I was finally able to sort through some stuff and think of something quick and easy to make before I blogged about yesterday. Pinterest has become an obsession and I have found a lot of things to make on there that could be catchy to the eye (hopefully.) So I made this :

Heart Shaped charm made out of a zipper

Attach a chain to the center on the zipper pull or on the peaks of the heart and you have a cute little necklace!

Some upcoming projects I will be working on will “hopefully” be worth posting about! I am going to try my hand at some change purse construction as well as a halloween costume for myself, if that one works out then I will be overjoyed!!!



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