Sew excited

Just a quick post because I am unable to sleep I thought I would share,once again,  my excitement about this sew swap assignment I receive tomorrow. So…..I am pretty anxious to see what it is.

In other news…the first crafty project I have made was these reversible headbands….and while I think they are really cute and pretty snazzy….others don’t and that’s their opinion right? That’s what I thought..but when asked if they could have one…and then I spent time making one…and not one word was ever said about it to me after giving these people their headbands..I was admittedly a little let down. Kinda made me feel like they suck…is this true…I have no idea. So while I sit here making a shrug motion and weird facial expression…it just makes me wonder about the validity of peoples comments. I will continue to make these and other headband designs…as well as my other crafts and will not let other dictate my love of this…for instance…I want to make my halloween costume…this notion was met with laughs and ridicule…I will not let it stop me. Good night (or morning….)


5 thoughts on “Sew excited

  1. To take from an 80s movie…take your passion and make it happen. If you like doing something in your leisure time don’t let any naysayers stop you from doing so. You are still in your early stages and you will be subjected to a lot of positive and negative feedback. Remember also that negative feedback,as long as it is constructive should have a lot of impact in the direction of your ideas. Not that everything must be about others, but more so the importance of adjusting to clients and the actual business itself.

  2. There will always be nay sayers. But you did it. You made a craft. You made an abstract idea a concrete object. Who cares if they aren’t impressed, it’s probably because they are to crippled by fear to make one for themselves. I’ve recently just gotten back into sewing, and I’m loving it. I’m thinking I will probably be slowing down a little on the knitting and get some more sew time in. Can’t wait to see what you create for the Sew Swap

    • I have a follower! I am so excited right now. Thank you for your kind words of support! The sewing expeditions have been slow going only because I am unsure of the little detail type stuff…but I am working on it and so far my family and choice friends have been happy with what i’ve made! I also love crocheting and i have made a ton of scarves and currently working on a blanket!

      • My biggest issue used to be details. Now I just make it up as I go along, and often people ask me to make patterns for them. Unfortunately I never remember how I did it, so all of my pieces are unique =P

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