Being a Mom

This morning as I was waiting with Kristen (my 10 year old) at the bus stop, she was telling me how it was her friend Anna’s birthday a couple days ago and they went to Six Flags and it was awesome. I asked her if she wanted to get her a birthday gift and she was struggling to think of something that would be a good idea. I threw out the idea of making one of those fleece tie blankets with a nice print on it, we settled on soccer balls and a solid color on the back. Along with that I thought i’d throw in one of my headbands I’ve become pretty good at making, she hugged me, threw an I love you in the air and hopped on the bus.

Well I’m sitting here waiting to go into work, I’m relishing this opportunity to do this blanket. You noticed I said Kristen was my daughter, this is true, however, not by blood…Kristen and her sister Valarie (13) are my step daughters. I love them as if they were my own, I have been in their lives for 8 years and I can’t believe they are 10 and 13 already! ( it truly was a headfirst dive with all three of them)

When I met their dad Kristen was still in diapers. we’ve worked through some tough times, we’ve worked through many obstacles that every step family goes through and being that yesterday was National Step Families Day I thought it would be fitting to share these thoughts! I aboslutely love being their mom and doing these “mom like” things, birthday parties, getting their hair done for school picture day, going on mom/ daughter dates, doing crafts and drawing, making breakfast and being silly. This friday we are going on a mom/daughter date to see Hotel Transylvania! They are stoked, and I am so excited, I love this bonding time with them and I know they do too. With all my heart and soul these girls and their father are the best thing to have happened to me, God has truly blessed us with love and kindness.

I decided to blog about this because my heart is just overflowing with love and happiness. I will definitely upload photos of the blanket that I am making tonight after work!