Nothing too exciting lately

My sew swap project is done and ready to be mailed out! I wish i could upload a picture of it, i honestly can say its not perfect…I wish it was. I forgot to do something so i had to seam rip and then sew back over it. I feel awful that it wasn’t right the first time. I was honestly so excited to do it that I missed an important step!

However! I also made my very first project that uses a zipper…that was very interesting to work with but it ended up pretty darn cute for the first time i’ve ever done it!!! I want to make more, I think once or twice doing it will make it a pretty fast project. This one is going to be a birthday present for my sister, probably adding in a headband or two for her as well!

In other news, I am sad to report that the mom/daughter date that was set for Friday night is now cancelled due to one child who “forgot” to do a project for her social studies class and received a grade of 0 which dropped her all the way to an F, i almost cried. The school gives the parents access to all the classes, homework, schedules, and grades of the students in grades 6 and up and when I went on to check it, my jaw dropped. All A’s and an F. *sigh* teacher was contacted and was thrilled I reached out to him which is a good sign according to him. The situation has been handled although that means no movie night for me and my girls. Actions have consequences, so now the younger one gets no movie either. Next week is a new week and I am determined to help her get her grade back up. EXTRA CREDIT YAY!

Enjoy my photo and have a great night!



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