Thankful Thursday

It’s that time again! Thursday! my days off, my days to craft until my hearts’ content.

I am so happy I found out about this through the littlewillowtree blog!

I am thankful through out this week for my opportunity to be a mom/stepmom…it feels more like mom without the step but the step i suppose is a technical term. Contrary to popular opinion and many many  movies, not all step moms are evil! I’m not even close. I can be grumpy and stern and upset and disappointed when the time calls for it…but every day with these two girls is a miracle, a time to teach an opportunity to lead by example. They teach me something new all the time and their imaginations are outstandingly wild! Sometimes all I can do is just sit there with my mouth open and no words come out, where do kids come up with these things?! The i love you’s and the hugs and shows of affection prove to me every day that God has been working mysteriously (as usual) to help me lead these two girls into beautiful young women, and to guide them through this crazy thing we call life…be their rock.



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