sew swap!


The sew swap has come and gone, and I have sad news, my items are currently locked my car which is at the garage getting new tires and hopefully a new muffler. so sad news…HOWEVER! I will have it back tomorrow and will hastily upload pictures of my items! without pictures it doesn’t help but i did receive a super cute coffee cozy and a shrug from Hannah!

I think it is such a coincidence that I was to receive my stuff from her because as it turns out I was in the job market with a degree which has just been sitting and collecting dust, and in the same week I found out who I was getting stuff from, I sent out a resume for a legal secretary/paralegal position….in this short period of time I got some tips from Hannah in my search. I got a call for an interview and almost fell over! and the interview went great, thanks to awesome tips from her! and only this morning i got a second call for a follow up….not sure if its for a second interview, or possibly the job offer itself! The secretary wasn’t very clear on the nature of the meeting tomorrow but we will find out! Hoping and praying! praying mostly.

The sew swap has turned out to be a super awesome experience and I can’t wait to be a part of other swaps…(what other kind of swaps are there?…..) somebody has to fill me in…i love surprises and mailing things.

I especially hope Alicia enjoyed them!

I would have loved to put a link to her blog here but i can’t figure out for the life of me how to work this website properly…help would be appreciated 🙂


3 thoughts on “sew swap!

  1. Im glad you enjoyed the swap! Good luck with your interview and I pray something lands in your lap permanently very soon!
    About this bloggy stuff, to add links simply type the text you want people to click on {ie: Hanna’s Blog}, highlight it with your cursor and on the top of your post dashboard there is a hyperlink symbol – click on that, add the URL, and you’re done! Hope that helps. Thank you so much for participating in the swap!

    • thank you so much! and if thats how you add a link thats awesome its just like using microsoft word…thank you so much! and i did enjoy the swap…it was fantastic. bravo!

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