A Happy Celebration!

The look on her face…is priceless…so glad I captured it!

Today was a happy celebration of my daughter Kristen Marie’s 11th Birthday! 

The house was decorated with lovely things, a cake was baked and food was consumed! 

Needless to say it was a glorious celebration and with every passing moment I become more and more full of joy with my little family.

The Happy Child

I caption this…”the happy child”

My girls are the pride and joy of my life…I’m sure all you moms out there reading (step moms as well…like me!) know how hard things can be with the ever growing fear of even sending your child to school…so it’s little moments like this, that fill my heart with so much joy, it pretty much explodes every time they smile!

Some more pictures of today’s celebrations:

Matching Mom and Daughter jerseys…thanks Daddy!

A lovely surprise from my Honey! Thank you my love…you are amazing! ❤