Oh hello there!!! it has definitely been quite some time since i have blogged. 

But what a better day to start back up then on thankful Thursday…and today has been very thankful

  • my new job has been faring so well that my confidence has soared over the past almost three weeks. I feel so accomplished when i leave that i can’t eve describe that feeling!
  • my dog had to be taken to the vet because he was limping pretty bad, well he has Lyme disease…BOO! 😦 he will be ok (300) dollars later…i could not believe it, the only thing i can be thankful for is that by some miracle I had been paid for my vacation time at my previous job, on the day that i needed the money the most. funny how God plans on working that way, make me all worried and upset and to the point where I am crying and then He just says…oh hey…just kidding, Love, God. (funny guy eh?)
  • point three, Blackbeard is fine, in fact, he is acting like he’s not even sick.
  • this has been a short post, and with that I am finished. a short list of thankfulness today but that doesn’t mean by any chance that I am less thankful for other things, such as having power back after a week, or my parents for letting myself and my girls stay at their house. Even though they didn’t have power, at least they had a woodstove for heat. thanks mom and dad…you guys are the best. ❤ #momanddad #electricity!


    • THANK YOU!!!!!! I guess because of my lack of having experience in the job field, i am only considered a legal assistant…which is fine because these past three weeks have been eye opening, i’ve caught on pretty quickly but theres a lot of things left to stack away in my brain! but its great!

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