Thankful Thursday!

This week, as strange at it may seem, I am thankful for every professor I had at my first college during my journey for my associates degree. It’s almost like they are your parents, and at the time you are going through the trials of tests and such, you think man these teachers have NO CLUE what’s going on in our lives, but in all honesty, they knew a whole heck of a lot more than we did at that time. I think back to four and five years ago when i was 20 and 21 and during my classes pursuing a Paralegal Degree, I used to think MAN professor so and so is so hard and is all this really needed? All the criticism on how we were supposed to dress for our internships and our attention to detail in our papers and other legal documents we had to write up! 

This coming week, (after four years of thinking I would never do it) I have an interview with a law firm in my area for a Paralegal Position, I am SO SO extremely nervous, but because of all my professors and information given to us on how to go through an interview; how to dress, what NOT to wear etc…I feel confident that I will at least be successful in the interview itself, whether or not I get the position.

The whole thing seems to be coming together almost TOO intricately that nobody else could have done this than God himself, knowing that this is what I want. No longer will I sit and wait for things to be handed to me. HE knows this! It turns out, the lawyer goes to the church my family still attends and that I attended my entire life, he sings in the choir with my brother, sisters etc…and one of my references is my Uncle Bob. He is a Deacon at the church and EVERYBODY knows him, he has also dealt with my Uncle during some legal stuff so for all this to  be put together like that gives me hope. I am  hopeful and thankful that I do have this degree and qualifications to perform this job in its entirety. 

Of course, because I’ve been working at Walmart for the past four years I have no “career” clothes to wear to this interview. Saturday will be shopping day with my lovely sister to find something that will look nice and show that I am professional. We shall see what happens! Prayers, well wishes, kind thoughts…ALL appreciated!