Today is such a day to be thankful! It is my lovely mother’s birthday!

My whole life my mom has done nothing but be there for me and support me in my crazy ideas, plans, multiple changes in my major at school and not once did I hear words of negativity or grief from her end. (and if there was any it wasn’t said to me!) which may be the case 🙂 I have gone from spiky hair to red hair to long hair back to spiky hair and bleach blonde and im sure the whole time all she did was laugh at my ever changing styles which is fine because looking back now, I am laughing as well…i was such a weird highschool kid.

So in honor of my mom today…heres the recap of the past couple weeks (i haven’t blogged in a while…) and how everything is going to be changing!

  1. KYLE GOT A NEW JOB! or i should really say, CAREER!!!

The first major I ever had in college was Paralegal Studies…once I had graduated job hunting was terrible, nobody needed us, at least in my area. So, to fix this situation I got a job at Merry Maids, cleaning houses…it was ok at first because I do enjoy to clean (thanks Gram) and after a while it just got worse and worse, customers were always complaining that there was one spec of dust on an electronic or there was a tiny finger print on a mirror…after a while I just couldn’t take it. I went back to school for Athletic Training/Sports Med and got a job at Wal-Mart. Needless to say, four years later I was still employed at Wal-Mart and done with college. What do I do?

Well, because I wasn’t technically graduated since I am terrible at math I couldn’t pass this one math class for the life of me. It was horrible I felt like a failure, so i’ve let it be for the past year. I’m gonna need some major help if i ever want to get that degree. Not that I need to use it for a job BUT, it would be nice to have that Bachelor”s Degree under my list of credentials. Fast forward to three weeks ago, I saw an ad in the local paper about a Law Firm hiring a paralegal/legal secretary. I knew who operated that firm, it’s located where I grew up, i have that degree and the qualifications…so i jumped on it! I fixed up my resume, wrote an AMAZING cover letter (well I thought it was anyway ) and then I sent it off to the firm. I WAITED! and waited…and finally one day the phone rang, they called me for an interview…i panicked…i had no professional clothing, and i worry ALOT ALL THE TIME. So I prayed…i called my mom, she prayed, I had people praying for me everywhere…not to mention my kids were praying as well…every night. They said “it worked for Daddy, it HAS to work for you too” the day of the interview came and went…I nailed it. I made this amazing portfolio of all my work and credentials, my personal mission statement…it was great. The interview went awesome so then I waited, AGAIN. I hate waiting for things like that so i kept myself busy (which by the way, does not include washing my dishes…just throwing that out there…randomly)

Five days later, I got another phone call and it was the law firm saying that Attorney Martino wished to see me again…SO…again I panicked and put on my professional garb and went out there…he says

“well Kyle, I want to offer you the job” (!!!!!!!!!)

but instead of getting nervous…I said I would be happy to accept the job. we talked for a bit, and then i went out to the car where my youngest was waiting and i said I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!! and she squealed! yes i believe it would qualify as a squeal.

I start the 22nd…and I am so very excited I could explode. I can’t stand working at walmart anymore…its terrible. So on the plus side, i have all new clothes…need shoes though…I get to quit walmart so my last day is tomorrow…


Regardless that I didn’t give birth to my girls does not mean in anyway that I don’t qualify to raise them 🙂 its a tough sitch right now because we don’t live in the same house…I have a lease, and they live with dad at the moment…however…i hope that changes soon. and thats all i can say about that. WINTER IS COMING! (anybody know where this reference comes from?) i’ll give you a virtual high five

The plus side of this is that tomorrow they are coming to stay at my house all weekend (luckily i live less than 10 minutes away so pretty much like living with them…right?) put em on the bus every morning…make them lunches…do their hair…yeah! We might be going on a mommy/daughter date tomorrow to the movies…yes! and then saturday is going to be spent doing awesome things…we have to make my mom a birthday gift either sewn or crafted…and then we have to bake stuff! We also have to work on the oldest’s halloween costume…have to modify an old ghost costume to become a zombie bride costume for her…it should be fun and fairly easy! I can’t wait though because I absolutely love spending time with them and they do as well! Its going to be grand…Sunday we will be going to my parents house to be in a parade with them thats in the small town by there…my whole family is in a Celtic pipe and drum band…and its pretty awesome to see…I’ve never had time to participate so I just watch…but they will get to walk in the parade dressed up and throw candy…Kristen is really excited because some local husky sled dog owners will be walking their dogs in the parade…most likely hooked up to their cart that they pull. AWESOME!!!!! PICTURES WILL BE UP!

3. Thankful for my Dennis!

I could not ask for a better boyfriend…I really couldn’t. he’s stubborn and hardheaded…but at the end of the day everything he does is to make sure me and the girls are ok. my car has recently been giving us some problems…fast forward through this past week and its fixed…why? because he’s amazing and i love him. that is all. ❤

I post all of my pictures on facebook if i dont get to post them here…add me and you can see all the awesome pictures of the band…the dogs…and the kids!!!

Highschool phase…

Just some insight as to what my saint of a mom has had to put up with all these 26 years of my life…

DONT FORGET ABOUT THE TATTOOS I HAVE…OH LORD…can’t forget about those…she didn’t speak to me for a month after i got my first one…pretty sure she still hates them…

my um…red hair phase? it was pretty awesome!



This was only last year, the Faux Hawk…I rocked it pretty well

I have not forgot!

I haven’t blogged since thankful Thursday but it will happen again! Halloween is now officially upon us and I need to get down to business because it is then a downhill approach to christmas…my two fave holidays and I need to get crafting/sewing or I will run out of time! Its so exciting but also alot of work as well and hopefully I can get everything done that I planned on doing. Updates and photos will be here!