So, most of you don’t know me personally…but have read my blog and know a little bit about me! 

I have been together with my boyfriend for 9 years, NINE YEARS! (i can’t believe it myself because it feels like yesterday) however, we’ve only been “boyfriend & girlfriend” for that period of time…

and then yesterday…..ImageI don’t think I have fully grasped this yet…to be honest we have talked about being married and its been a daily conversation topic for quite a long time that I feel like now, that its official…we are fiances’…that It will take some time to process…my sisters are about ready to explode. 

In light of tradition (and me being extremely traditional…) nobody in my family knows except two of my sisters (hey i had to tell somebody!) but I asked Dennis if he would talk to my dad first, it’s already been done so it won’t be a permission type of talk but more like a respectful type of thing…I think that would be nice. 🙂 

OH! The kids thought it was a joke, but when one of our married couple friends came over to toast with champagne…the youngest (Kristen) said ” WAIT…YOURE ACTUALLY ENGAGED?!” i said yes you silly girl, and she hugged me so tight i thought I was going to burst… 🙂